Our FarchAnderl

Our FarchAnderl

The village mascot of Farchant is called FarchAnderl. The „Farch“ can be traced back to the Bavarian name of a pine type tree. This tree is a native conifer and can be found in large numbers in the nature and recreation park Kuhflucht.

Anderl is the Bavarian trivialization of the name Andreas (Andrew). As Saint Andrew is the namesake of the Catholic Church in Farchant, this designation was more than fitting for our little mascot.


Once upon a time, a small pine tree grew at the foot of the mountain Hoher Fricken in the nature and recreation park Kuhflucht. It was surrounded by many large trees and therefore it was hardly possible for it to grow properly. The little pine was named FarchAnderl and FarchAnderl always listened longingly to the roaring water of the Kuhflucht waterfall, which was very close by. Little FarchAnderl wanted so much to put his feet in the cooling waters of the Kuhflucht ditch. But FarchAnderl could not move freely because his roots were firmly anchored in the earth. Year after year passed and our FarchAnderl became sadder and sadder. He wished so much to finally be able to walk to the Kuhflucht waterfall or to explore the little village of Farchant but unfortunately that wasn't possible. From sheer grief its once beautiful dark green needles turned brown and dry.

One night FarchAnderl was looking up at the starry night sky when something strange happened: A beautiful twinkling bright star floated down to FarchAnderl. The star remained in one place in front of his face and spoke: “Good evening FarchAnderl, I am your shooting star and I know your deepest wish!” FarchAnderl was quite surprised and asked: “Really? What is my deepest wish?" The shooting star said: "You would like to move freely and visit the waterfall or the beautiful little village of Farchant, right?"
"Yes, that would be so nice." answered our FarchAnderl. The shooting star smiled. "I would like to fulfill your wish - but you have to promise something." FarchAnderl could hardly believe his eyes and ears and said: "I'll do everything you want, as long as my wish comes true."

"Well, if you take care of nature, protect it as well as the inhabitants of the forest and explain to the children how to behave in nature, then I will give you roots to walk." With tears of joy, our little FarchAnderl agreed and before he could understand what was happening, the shooting star got smaller and smaller and burned up. FarchAnderl now tried to move. Lo and behold, its gnarled roots slowly slid out of the dewy earth. He stretched and stretched, unable to believe that after so many years he was truly free to move as he always wished for. Now it was time to finally fulfill his greatest wish and he ran straight to the Kuhflucht waterfall.
Having finally reached the goal of his dreams, he stuck his roots into the cold current of the Kuhflucht ditch. That felt so good! In his mind he was already looking forward to all the children who would come to visit in the future. FarchAnderl will keep his promise and explain to the children exactly how to behave in nature and how to protect the environment!

C_Hannes Porer | Farchant, March 2022

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