nature and recreation park Kuhflucht

nature and recreation park Kuhflucht


The name says it all - nature and recreation park! Here it is primarily about winding down, relaxation and spending time in nature.

With its diverse stations, the forest experience path conveys all sorts of interesting things about the forest. Our village mascot, the FarchAnderl, accompanies the young and old guests on this path. Balancing tree, forest school, jumping pit and tree telephone are just a few of the many stations where you can get actively involved.

The name Kuhflucht probably derived from the Roman word CONFLUCTUM. That translates to confluence and could mean the confluence of the Kuhfluchtgraben with the river Loisach. The water originates at the plateau between Krottenkopf and Simetsberg and the several karst springs in the limestone thereunder. In total it’s an area of 5 square kilometers. The main source is the Kuhflucht source, which emerges from the 200 m high end wall of the Kuhfluchtgraben.

Other sources assume that the name "Kuhflucht" comes from the word "Kuhflack". In summer, cows have found a place to rest in the shade of the trees - and "flackten" (Bavarian for "laid") down there.

The nature and recreation park Kuhflucht also includes the royal path (Königsweg) to Farchant’s landmark, the Kuhflucht waterfalls, which were newly redeveloped in 2023 with LEADER funding. The Kuhflucht Waterfalls are a group of three waterfalls. With the height of 270 meters, they belong to the highest waterfalls in Germany and are worth a visit at any time of the year.

Natur- und Erholungspark Kuhflucht
Nature and recreation park Kuhflucht
Erlebbares Geotop
Experienceable geotope Kuhflucht with Königsweg

You have to master 100 vertical meters from the middle Kuhflucht bridge to the top Kuhflucht bridge before you are greeted by the thunderlike roaring of the waterfalls. Several viewing platforms offer exciting insights into the watercourse of the Kuhfluchtgraben.


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