Pasture farming

Pasture farming


Pasture farming is still a very important economic sector for Farchant.

Our farmers live in the village themselves or sometimes on the surrounding mountain pastures. As soon as the grass is lush and green and the temperatures point to summer, goats, cows and sheep are herded to their respective mountain pastures. There they can eat their fill all summer long, breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the exercise. In autumn and as soon as it gets cooler, the animals come back down to the valley and spend the winter in the warm barn.

In the village itself you will find a milk vending machine with fresh milk from local cows. There you can tap fresh milk around the clock. Right next to it is a refrigerator with other regional products, including meat. There are also several egg vending machines from happy chickens of Farchant.

Our village shop is run by the locals and the products offered originate either directly from Farchant or from the surrounding region.

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