Slopes and cross-country trails

Slopes and cross-country trails


Just let go and glide in the crystal-clear winter air, in the rhythm of your breath: cross-country skiing is like meditation and at the same time one of the healthiest sports of all.

In Farchant you will find the ideal conditions and the right track with a unique environment, regardless of whether you are going cross-country skiing for the first time or are already practiced. The longest trail, 31 km long, follows the course of the Loisach and leads from Eschenlohe via Oberau to Farchant (or vice versa) and back.

All ski tracks are groomed daily and are available free of charge. The entrances to the cross-country ski runs can be easily reached on foot from most of the accommodations. They are marked on the trail maps that you can get from the tourist information offices or hereunder as a download version.

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