cycling and mountain biking

cycling and mountain biking

Unlimited cycling fun

A handlebar, two wheels and beautiful landscapes! Cycling enthusiasts will definitely get their money's worth in Farchant and the surrounding area.

Whether leisurely in the Loisachtal or on a challenging mountain bike trail, these grounds offer something for everyone. Hardly any other mean of transport opens up the beauties of our nature and mountains to you as well as the bicycle.

Cycling kilometer after kilometer and still never get out of breath? No problem with the new e-bikes! If muscle power alone is not enough, the electric drive continues. The e-bikes are equipped with batteries that support when pedaling. So you can ride more relaxed than usual, enjoy the fantastic landscape and still do sports at the same time.

The battery is empty? Don't worry: there is a network of stations around Farchant where you can easily recharge your batteries. One battery charge is mostly enough for about 60 kilometers.

Tour tips for cycling and mountain biking:

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