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The following items are available for purchase at the Tourist Information Center:

We will be glad to send you the articles on request after you have remitted the purchase price to our account. Of course, we can also send you an invoice by email.

Just give us a call at tel. +49 (0)8821 / 96 16 96 or send an email to!

The first Farchant Memory

Farchant Memory

Experience and discover Farchant playfully with beautiful photo opportunities. With the four enclosed blank playing cards, you make our Farchant Memory a very personal gaming pleasure. We wish you lot of fun!

12,99 €

Farchant Hiking Guide  - Sold out at the moment!

Discover the mountain world and enjoy the unmatched alpine panorama in and around Farchant on 30 tours ranging from relaxing walks to challenging hikes. Our hiking guide with all the information you need on difficulty ratings, elevation differences, places to stop for a bite to eat and a drink, etc. is available for 3 euros at the Tourist Information Center. Have fun hiking!

3,00 €

Feltbags and more

Faltbags and more

Pencil case of felt

Large felt bag


11,90 €

19,90 €

9,90 €

Seat cushion

Enjoy the lovely scenery during a leisurely stroll or a tough hike…

12,99 €

Farchanter Bierkrug


24,90 €

Brotzeitbrettl Farchant

And for all you fans of the Bavarian "Brotzeit" (meal of cold cuts) who don't want to wait until their 15th visit, you, too, can purchase our souvenir - in this case a Farchant "Brotzeitbrettl" board - for just 10 euros at the Tourist Information Center.


Farchant Anno 2012

You can listen to the following local music groups on the Farchant Village CD: Musikkapelle Farchant, Farchanter Tanzl-Musi, Farchanter Soatnhupfer, Geschwister Leitenbauer, Maibaum Musi, Josefi G´sang, Baschtls Hausmusi, Junge Farchanter Danzlmusi and Stubenmusi Graf.

10,00 €

Farchant Pool-Towel

While swimming during your vacation or as a nice reminder of a memorable vacation after you return home, our soft sauna and beach towel is always a great gift. Visitors who have been coming for many years receive the towel as a token of thanks for their 30th vacation in Farchant. For anyone who doesn't want to wait that long, it can be purchased for 30 euros at the Tourist Information Center.

29,00 €

Wander-, Rad- und Freizeitkarte

Topographical map with a scale of 1:25.000
Region: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Wetterstein Range, Werdenfelser Land

9,90 €

Safebrella-LED Taschenschirm

This convenient small and light hiking umbrella meets high expectations in terms of stability and durability – including in adverse weather conditions.

19,00 €

...many other items are available at our Tourist Information Center. Stop in and look around!