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Cycling and mountain biking on roads & trails

Unlimited cycling pleasure

Dear Cycling Friends – welcome to the Farchant cycling mecca!

Climb on a bike and start pedaling – what better way to discover the beauty of the alpine outdoors.

Around Germany's tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, you will find numerous trails and roads that are perfectly suited for exploring Farchant and its surroundings on a road bike or mountain bike - or maybe even on an electric bike!

All you desire: From a relaxing stroll to a challenging mountain bike ride!

Come and experience Farchant and the Zugspitze Region live on a bike!

Pedal your way to health and relaxation while taking in the magnificent scenery of the Bavarian Alps! Choose a leisurely route along the shores of the Loisach river or cycle uphill to peaceful mountain pastures or an alpine lodge with refreshments, or even a sumptuous hot meal: You are sure to find your favorite tour here in Farchant!

Movelo – experience the new dimension in cycling. With the new generation of electric bikes, you can pedal uphill and downhill without even getting out of breath! When your muscles tell you they've had enough, electrical power takes over. The e-bikes are equipped with a power pack that helps you overcome distances you would never have dreamed of traveling without working up a sweat. Not only that, you can relax and enjoy the scenery while rolling through the countryside.

And when the power pack is dead, no problem: There is a network of stations around Farchant where you can turn in your empty power pack and get a fully charged new one. One charge is good for about 60 kilometers. In Farchant, the accommodation, Ferienhaus Alpenstern Natur Gastgeber has E bikes available for rent.

Your cycling tips for a road bike or mountain bike ride:


Enjoy Cycling.


Mountain bike rides


Challenging trails and fast downhills, gentle forest roads, or
scenic paths through woods and meadows: Take your pick! It goes without saying that respectful and considerate treatment of nature, hikers, and other cyclists applies on all the trails and roads.

Our mountain biking tips for you: