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Towns, spectacles of nature, and museums

Must-see sights!

The town of Farchant enjoys a central, but wonderfully quiet location. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is just a few kilometers away, and Munich and Innsbruck are within easy reach as well.



approx. 3 km
From Farchant, it's a hike of but a few kilometers to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany’s Number 1 winter sports resort and site of the annual New Year's Ski Jumping event! You will enjoy exploring the historic town center of Partenkirchen and the picturesque pedestrian zone in Garmisch.


Partnachklamm, the wild gorge


The impressive gorge, Partnachklamm, has a length of approx. 700 meters (2297 feet) with cliffs rising up to 80 meters (262 feet). With its wild waterfalls, thundering rapids, and calm pools, the Partnach gorge is popular among young and old alike. Especially in the winter, a guided torch hike through the Partnach gorge is a memorable experience!

With your Farchant Guest Card, the hike through the gorge only costs € 3.50 (€ 4 without the Guest Pass), children € 2.50.


Werdenfelser Heimatmuseum, museum of the history of the Werdenfels region


The Werdenfels Museum of Local History is in one of the oldest and most beautiful historic houses of Partenkirchen, at Ludwigstraße 47.
It contains extraordinary furnishings from old farm houses ranging from sacral items, regional costumes, household goods and tools from local farms to old Werdenfels Fastnachtslarven (hand-carved masks donned during Carnival), just to name a few items you can look forward to.
EMost definitely a rewarding visit!
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Höllentalklamm: Hell’s Gorge in Grainau


A gorge that is up to 150 meters (492 feet) deep with countless waterfalls, huge blocks of rock and ice, along with winding trails, bridges, and tunnels – you will discover all that and more in Höllentalklamm (Hell's Gorge)!
Höllentalklamm is easily accessible and approx. 1 km long.
Entrance fee: Adults € 3, children € 1, Members of the German Alpine Club (DAV) € 1
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Grainau – the Eibsee lake


The emerald-green and deep-blue shimmering waters of Eibsee are close to 1000 meters (3281 feet) above sea level
You can walk around the lake (7.2 km or 4.5 miles total distance, approx. 2 hours) and enjoy the truly awesome views of the clear mountain lake against the backdrop of the mighty cliffs of the Waxenstein ridge culminating in the world-renowned Zugspitze mountain. You will want to allow time for photographs on this scenic hike!
If you prefer to be on water, you can go on a boat cruise or rent your own boat and go exploring.
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The historic bobsled run


Nothing for weak nerves!
Bobsledding history – and bobsledding’s stories – were written here. The legendary Olympic bobsled run at Riessersee was known as one of the most dangerous around. Besides diverse Bavarian, German, European, and international championships, the bobsled races of the 1936 Winter Olympics also took place here.
Today, the world-renowned race course is under monument protection. It has become a year-round attraction for hikers and sports fans. Wearing sturdy shoes, you can hike from bottom to top and back with no trouble. Anyone wanting more detailed background information can go on a guided tour. These generally take place every Wednesday – from 2 PM to 4 PM. There are no participation or entrance fees.
Just 350 meters (1148 feet) from the finish, you can visit the “Bobschuppen “ (bobsled shack) with 17 historic bobsleds and other interesting exhibits. Original film material brings the atmosphere of bygone sporting events back to life.
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approx. 15 km
Oberammergau The Passion Plays performed since 1634 and its woodcarvers have made Oberammergau famous the world over.


Heimatmuseum Oberammergau, museum of Oberammergau’s history

oberammergau museum

The Passion Plays performed since 1634 and its woodcarvers have made Oberammergau famous the world over. In the museum of local history, you can see an extensive collection of wood carvings, wooden toys, religious pictures, wax works, a large collection of nativity scenes, and a collection of reverse glass paintings.


The Passion Theater of Oberammergau

passions theater

What would Oberammergau be without its Passion Play? Even though the next Passion Play won’t be taking place until 2020, visitors can already experience the Passion Theater live now during a tour.
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approx. 20 km
Small restaurants, cafés, and boutiques paint a pretty picture in the pedestrian zone with the house fronts under monument protection. Picture-perfect corners and alleys in Murnau are motifs of world-renowned paintings by Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter who lived together in the Münter House in Murnau from 1909-1914.


Schlossmuseum Murnau: the museum in a castle

schlossmuseum murnau

The works by Gabriele Münter and the artists of the “New Artists' Association of Munich “ and the “Blue Rider “, which succeeded in making the decisive breakthrough to a new Expressive style of painting in this awe-inspiring landscape in 1908, are the main focus of this museum. The comprehensive collection of works of art by Gabriele Münter with over 80 paintings, drawings, and graphics from the period 1902 to shortly before her death in 1962 forms the core of the museum. Examples from all of Gabriele Münter’s phases of work can be found in Castle Museum of Murnau.
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The Münter House, once home of the famous Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky
Gabriele Münter (1877-1962) and Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) lived in this house, also known as the “Russians’ House “, during the summer months from 1909 to 1914.
> Münter Haus


The town of Mittenwald


approx. 21 km
Mittenwald has preserved its historic appearance to this very day. The original character of the town with the old Bavarian houses set against a generous scenic backdrop is impressive.


Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald: the Violin Building Museum of Mittenwald

geigenbau museum mittenwald

The Violin Building Museum is divided into two major topic areas: For one, it shows the history of the town of Mittenwald, which is inextricably linked to violin building. For the other, it shows the development of local instrument building by Matthias Klotz to the present. The Violin Building Museum features a great variety of exhibits and houses approx. 200 instruments from all of Mittenwald’s workshops.
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Freilichtmuseum Glentleiten: the Glentleiten open-air museum


approx. 24 km
We would like to invite you on an infinitely varied tour of the expansive outdoor museum with woods, meadows, and historic buildings and gardens. About 60 buildings – farms, mills, buildings from alpine pastures, workshops, and so much more – they have all been rebuilt here. Together with their complete furnishings, they convey a picture of Upper Bavaria’s past which was predominated by farming.
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The Franz Marc Museum in Kochel am See

franz marc museum

approx. 30 km
The works by Franz Marc can be viewed in new perspectives in the modern exhibition building.
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approx. 86 km
Munich isn’t only a worthwhile destination during the Oktoberfest. Regardless of whether you are interested in cultural sights or simply want to stroll through the beautiful downtown area, there won’t be a boring moment.


Deutsches Museum – the high-voltage exhibit

deutsches museum

approx. 86 km
...all about masterpieces of science and technology
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approx. 60 km
In Innsbruck, sports are important (together with Garmisch-Partenkirchen, joint organizer of the Four Hills Tournament, the European Soccer (Football) Championships…). The city has numerous other attractions such as the picture-perfect town center with the Golden Roof (goldenes Dachl), the Hofburg imperial castle, or shopping opportunities: A beautiful city with something for everyone. An outing to Innsbruck is always well worthwhile. A train trip or car trip to Innsbruck from Farchant is sure to be a memorable experience.