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Mountain cable cars and the cog railway


With the mountain cable cars and cog train, visitors of all ages and physical ability can comfortably ascend to the top of the Zugspitze to experience the incredible sensation of being on the highest summit in sight more comfortably and intensely.

The Zugspitze mountain
Top of Germany! The Zugspitze, rising to 2,962 meters (9,717 feet) above sea level, is a mountain of superlatives: The highest elevation in Germany boasts the only glaciers in the country, an unmatched 360° panoramic view of all of the peaks of the Alps in four countries, and so much more! Don’t wait: Treat yourself to the unforgettable trip to the top of Germany now!

The Garmisch Classic ski area with the Alpspitze and Kreuzeck mountains
The Garmisch-Classic ski area promises splendid skiing to suit every taste – from nice and leisurely to challenging.
Ski tickets cover all three ski areas of Hausberg, Kreuzeck, and Alpspitze which provides a large and varied ski area with 40 kilometers (25 miles) of runs, including four long runs into the valley with snow machines to ensure a good snow cover throughout the season.
In the summer, the mountains between the Alpspitze and Kreuzeck lifts offer fantastic hiking opportunities – made easily accessible with the mountain cable cars and cog railway.
Our tip for you: Be brave and venture out on the AlpspiX Skywalk!

The Wank mountain
Ascend to the top of this summit, 1,780 meters (5,840 feet) above sea level and just across from the Zugspitze, and enjoy the awesome panoramic view of the Esterberg, Ammer, Karwendel, and Wetterstein ranges.

The Eckbauer cable car
Another must-do: the 15-minute ascent to the top of the Eckbauer mountain in the nostalgic two-seater gondola!

The Karwendel cable car in Mittenwald
Board the gondola and glide to 2,244 meters (7362 ft.) above sea level, into the heart of a fascinating rugged high-alpine landscape. Make sure to visit the “Riesenfernrohr “ (Giant Telescope), Germany's highest nature information center.